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At Pumpkin Patch Preschool, we employ a variety of regular curricula throughout all of our work with children. Here are a few examples of exercises we employ on a regular basis.

Show and Tell

During morning meeting  your child builds group speaking skills while sharing familiar or favorite items from home.

Headline News

Each day during our morning meeting at circle time, we share “Headline News”. This is an opportunity for your child to share a special event, something that happened or whatever comes to mind. 

All About Me

Each week one child is our "Star of the Week". Children are encouraged to decorate a piece of poster board with his/her "favorites" (color,s foods, toys, books, plus art work, family photos & baby pictures)


We investigate different customs, traditions and celebrations through our learning at Pumpkin Patch. If you have a special way of celebrating holidays that you would like to share, please join us! Share details on the Parent Questionnaire.


Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of the curriculum as they enhance your child's learning through an expanded experience outside the preschool setting. Parent volunteers are welcome on all excursions. We hope that you will be available to participate on occasion. 

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